And how to make different colors.

About me

Heey, I'm Desiree van Dam. I'm 22 years old and study Communication and Multimedia at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Right now I'm busy with my Minor Makerslab. For this project, I'm going to work with bioplastics.

Now a little something about myself. I'm a cheerful and spontaneous person who likes to be creative and hang out with her friends. My hobbies include photography, music, and painting.

You can find my portfolio website here:

What and why?

How to color your bioplastic by only using natural ingredients which are easily accessible?

This project is all about creating the seven basic colors to be used in gelatin-based bioplastics. The iterationswere always based on the same recipe, with natural products that are easily accessible, like products you can find in a supermarket and are not all too expensive. To name a few, with red cabbage you can make purple and with beetroot you can make red. Different ways and products have been looked at to get these colors, to see what works best and to see what it does to the bioplastic. In addition, tests have also been carried out to see what affects the bioplastic and what does not. This resulted in about 40 different kinds of bioplastic with all kinds of colors, that will help designers getting more freedom in their work and give others more inspiration and variety for applications.

You can read the report of this project on Issuu